August 2017: A Container for Life

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Most of us use the space provided at Asheville Community Yoga to move our bodies, to relieve physical and/or mental stress, to clear our minds, and to open our hearts to connection. On our mats we connect to our body, to our breath, to the moment and to life itself. On our mat we often feel an array of physical sensations as well as emotions. In one moment we may experience extreme discomfort in our body while holding our least favorite pose for what seems like an eternity. Then, in the very next moment, we may tap into a well of strength and stability we never knew existed within us! Our hearts may open to an overwhelming sensation of joy that literally moves us to tears only to be followed by the pangs of grief we thought we had worked through some time ago. A consistent yoga practice will reveal the cycles of life to each of us and Asheville Community Yoga is a place where those cycles can be celebrated as well as grieved. Asheville Community Yoga is truly a container for life to unfold.

Throughout Asheville Community Yoga’s history, we’ve had so much to celebrate. Babies have been born into our yoga family, marriage proposals and professions of love have taken place during classes, and new beginnings and stories of personal growth have been shared and celebrated!

ABO_lowres_1We recently had the honor of holding space for long time students Anna Beth Parlier and Omar Ahmad as they exchanged their sacred wedding vows. The happy couple recently relocated to Missouri but flew back to Asheville to exchange their vows in the place they both feel the most spiritually connected to, Asheville Community Yoga! It was beautiful to see our studio space transform to create a sacred container for this new beginning in the life cycles of Anna Beth and Omar. Anna Beth and Omar, we love you guys and wish you all the best. May your journey in partnership and marriage be blessed with joy, peace, growth and eternal love!

For as many new beginnings and celebrations of life we’ve witnessed within the container of Asheville Community Yoga, we’ve also sunk into grief and sorrow, holding space and supporting one another as life cycles have come to an end, at least in one realm or another. Students themselves have passed on while others use the space to process the grief and sadness they feel by the loss of a loved one. We’ve even mourned the loss of teachers together.

Most recently our beloved teacher, Gary Sager, passed over. Gary was a true practitioner and dear friend to many in this community. He had a heart of service and generosity and it was an honor to hold space for his memorial service. On Saturday, July 22nd, many of us gathered together at Asheville Community Yoga to celebrate the life of Gary, mourn his passing, and feel the grief and sadness we carry as a community, and as a community we are diving into practice together and doing the work we know creates space around the grief and helps us let go of our sadness.IMG_9369

To Gary’s sons, Craig and Drew: Thank you for allowing Asheville Community Yoga to hold such a beautiful memorial in honor of your father’s life. He was an amazing person and touched the hearts of so many. His life and legacy will be remembered forever at Asheville Community Yoga, and although you all are located out of state, please know there is community and support here for you. It’s just a phone call or short trip away.

Asheville Community Yoga is a container for life. We invite all to use this space to go beyond body and form and to connect to what truly makes us human, our emotions. Our joys as well as our sorrows connect us to each other and to life itself. Through connection we become supported and held, we become whole, we become complete. Please know Asheville Community Yoga is here for you! In community, with connection, we are journeying through the cycles of life, celebrating the beginnings and grieving the endings, together! We are here for you! Thank you for being here for us!